While it’s a truly delectable dish and worthy of a nice evening out for couples, sushi is actually an excellent meal to bond over with your family. It’s healthier than a lot of food you’d see in most restaurants, it’s a great method to expand children’s palates, and there’s something for everyone on the menu. Here are some great ways to turn a trip to Wasabi Sushi Bar into fun for the whole family.

Order A Variety Of Rolls To Share

Especially if you have younger children (or even just picky eaters in the family!) the prospect of sushi might be scary. It’s a fairly unfamiliar food to some, but the sooner you introduce them to the different flavors and textures, the better. (Though it should be noted, the recommended age to start children on raw fish is 2 and a half to 3 years old.) The best way to do that is by ordering a variety of rolls to share with the table, rather than just an individual order for each person. It also creates a special bonding time where you all put your heads together to figure out what everyone would like to try, and no one is stuck with just one thing if it turns out they don’t like it! Win-win!      

Make It An Educational Moment

Sushi comes from a rich culture, so going out for a meal can be an opportunity to teach your kids something new. Before lunch or dinner, take some time to do research on the history of sushi, customs in Japan, or even look up some Japanese words to practice! You might find that you end up learning something too.

Load Up On Sides And Appetizers

If you’re worried about someone in the family who might not be satisfied with any type of sushi, there’s always other options. Fried rice, veggie tempura, spring rolls, and crab rangoon can nearly be a meal in itself. This should calm down even the pickiest of eaters, or at least make sure they get full if they try one or two rolls and decide that sushi just isn’t for them.

Turn The Meal Into A Game

To keep the kids interested when the food arrives, create some fun ways to interact with their sushi. Challenge them to use their chopsticks and see who figures them out the fastest! Another idea is to ask them what they think the rolls should be called -- if they were in charge of naming each sushi roll, what would they name it? This makes the process exciting, as well as memorable. Your child might even come up with a better name than the chef did!

Just Relax And Enjoy

Whether it’s your first time out trying sushi together or it’s a regular outing, sushi with the family is truly an experience to be treasured. Come to any of our Wasabi Sushi locations and bring your loved ones. We can’t wait to serve you a family-friendly afternoon or evening you’ll never forget!