From Sea to Seat

fishermanyellowfin tunaMan holding fish

What type of Tuna do we sell?

Yellowfin tuna is our tuna of choice. Yellowfin tuna is very sustainable and found in almost all parts of the world’s oceans. Yellowfin reach full size at around 100lbs and have a very fast life cycle compared to other species of tuna. Yellowfin tuna also has a very predictable and dependable flavor and texture. We only buy #1 grade tuna, the best of the best. Tuna is not graded by any government agency like the USDA. The fisherman and our supplier determine the grade of the tuna based on color of the meat, the presence of oil in the meat, and the texture; these factors are good indicators to how the tuna will perform for our chefs and our guests.

Where does our Tuna come from?

Simple answer is from all over the world, could be the tip of South Africa could be the Hawaiian Islands, just depends where the best time and place is to source from. Our tuna is caught in different parts of the world depending on the time of the year. Tuna have a peak quality in a given region depending on migration patterns and diets of local fish. Not all tuna are equal.

How is our Tuna caught?

All of our tuna is sourced from fishermen who line catch the tuna. Why is this important and how else would you catch a tuna? The two methods for catching tuna are line caught and by net. Line caught tuna is pulled out of the water alive and is therefore much fresher, also the tuna does not endure as much stress as when its snared in a net. Tuna caught by net could potentially “drown” and die in a very stressful manner which can cause it to release hormones into its body that will decrease the overall quality of the fish. Line caught tuna are best and can be very rapidly and processed and iced down to help preserve the quality of the tuna.

How does our Tuna come to our restaurants?

Our tuna is flown overnight directly from the coast several times per week right to our kitchens. It comes from our seafood supplier and processor partners who have long established relationships with seafood sources around the world. All of our tuna is lab tested to verify no bacteria or parasites are present before it’s sent to our restaurants.

To summarize:

We source the best fresh seafood possible and get it to our guests as fast as possible.