Sushi Burritos

Build your own for just $12.50

Pick your paper

Mango Soy Paper • Sesame Soy Paper • Pink Soy Paper • Seaweed

Pick your rice

White • Brown • Forbidden (+$1)

wasabi sushi burrito sesame paper
wasabi sushi burrito seaweed

Pick your protein

Salmon • Fried Salmon • Tuna • Fried Tuna • Steamed Shrimp • Shrimp Tempura

Pick your sauce

Spicy Mayo • Eel Sauce • Wasabi Mayo • Spicy Ponzu • Omega Sauce • Sriracha

All burritos come with spring mix, avocado, carrot, cucumber and asparagus.

Limited Time Rolls

wasabi limited time roll - king tut

King Tut and Lobster Salad $20

Roll: fresh spring mix, asparagus, avocado, and spicy mayo paired with tempura lobster wrapped in a mango soy paper topped with red caviar

Salad: Fresh spring mix, mango, onion, cilantro, chopped red bell pepper, cucumber, tempura lobster, and red caviar marinated in our spicy citrus ponzu

wasabi limited time roll - black mamba

Black Mamba

$15 Jumbo tempura soft shell crab, jalapeno, cilantro, avocado, and our house firecracker sauce wrapped in a nutrient-rich forbidden rice topped with fresh yellowfin tuna, avocado and red caviar

wasabi limited time rolls - last samurai

Last Samurai $19

Seared super white tuna, tempura lobster, honey wasabi mayo wrapped in a full sheet nori of sesame soy paper topped with baked freshwater eel, smoked salmon, avocado, fresh green onions, smelt roe, furikake rice seasoning drizzled with our house teriyaki eel sauce

wasabi limited time rolls - emperor

Emperor $14

Spicy crab salad and tempura nobashi shrimp topped with fresh yellowfin tuna, green onions and chili sauce

wasabi limited time rolls - surf and turf

Surf N’ Turf $15

Seared lean beef tenderloin marinated in teriyaki with fresh avocado, carrot, and asparagus topped with fresh green onions and pan seared shrimp drizzled with our house teriyaki eel sauce

wasabi limited time rolls - vader

Vader $14

Spicy tuna, crab salad, and fresh avocado topped with baked freshwater eel and red caviar and drizzled with chili sauce and our house teriyaki eel sauce